Nobody has actually asked us these questions yet, but this is what I am assuming some Quokkas might want to know.


Are you plastic free?

As a business and as individuals we aren't yet. It is a goal for us to have, but at this stage we still have some of our suppliers use plastic, so there is plastic around. We do look to recycle it, use it or incorporate into what we do so that it doesn't just get used once and discarded. Upcycled products may have a trace of plastic, but it would normally serve a specific function or be used to avoid waste.

It has come to our attention that our hemp bags are not 100% hemp and we apologise for this. We believe that they are a polyester and hemp blend however we are currently looking further into this.

Where do you deliver?

We post Australia wide and this stage will remain Australian only. The primary reason for this is the potential carbon footprint of sending products overseas that are similar to what is already available.

When will I get my order?

In order to be as environmentally and cost efficient as possible, we are working towards a Monday dispatch/delivery day. As a safe bet, orders placed after midday Sunday, will be dispatched/delivered 8 days following. A Sunday 11:59am purchase will sneak in and be dispatched/delivered the next day.

Where are your products from?

A lot of our bamboo and hemp products are from China made in modern factories that we have found and screened to be eco friendly. Unfortunately we haven't has a chance to visit the factories due to the COVID-19 outbreak so at the moment there is a lot of trust placed in the suppliers being honest about their products and communication. Most of our other products are made in Australia from Australian based suppliers and materials. Upcycled products are hand made in the Happy Quokka workshop.

Can I adjust/combine my shipping?

You sure can, if you have ordered something and then decided you'd like more of our products, get in touch either prior to purchase or at the time of purchase so we can amalgamate the shipping. Reach out on our socials or via the website.

Do you sell wholesale?

We sure do. If you're interested in stocking our products reach out via email or our socials!