About Happy Quokka

Our Story

Born in 2020 somewhere between the Australian drought, bushfires and Coronavirus, Happy Quokka is the culmination of founder Nicholas Wright's frustration at how hard it is being environmentally friendly. Being someone who cares about the environment but occasionally had poor environmental habits, he started Happy Quokka to help others like him make better choices.
After having learnt that every toothbrush and toothpaste tube ever made still exists, Nicholas was eager to find alternatives and soon discovered that various plants were fast becoming a natural alternatives to many of the things that we use around the house every day. Happy Quokka's products aim is to substitute these plastic products with products made from Bamboo, Hemp, Aluminium and other natural and recyclable materials.
Since we started, we have developed a range of house home items that are made from natural materials, that are as effective as their plastic counterparts

Why Quokkas?

You mean why not Quokkas?? They're awesome!!!!
Quokka’s are an endangered and unique species that rely on a delicate environment. They have become an international sensation due to their happy appearance and friendly nature, but they have been restricted in recent years to Rottenest Island having once inhabited mainland Australia. 

Our Vision

A world without plastic contaminating natural environments. A world where we as individuals leave as little trace as possible.

Our Mission

Is to make environmentally friendly products the norm and have them be accessible for everyone. To have the right choice to be the happy choice.

Our Values


We strive for products to be plastic free so that they are as biodegradable and environmentally friendly as possible. Suitable for waterways, landfill and hopefully even composting.
We are still perfecting this as a business with plastic still occasionally involved in supplier packaging, but we are working to eliminate this as much as possible.

Reuse, Recycle and Upcycle:

We believe in reusing, recycling and upcycling. That's why you'll find salvaged furniture, creative uses of materials and our fine selection of candles in the shop.


We're not perfect and we don't pretend to be!!! In an age where it is easy to throw stones, we're giving it a crack and we are proud that we are. As individuals we still have lapses, forget our keep cups, our Happy Quokka Produce Bags. As a business we sometimes use plastic in packaging or receive plastic from our suppliers. Sometimes in upcylcing we use non-rain or recycled water in manufacturing, but we will strive to get better and hope you can join us on that journey.